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Next IndieNomicon Event to be Held at Melrose Center

Next IndieNomicon Event to be Held at Melrose Center
The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center, which opened two weeks ago in the downtown Orange County Library, will host next month’s Indienomicon meetup. The Melrose Center has a large, open lobby area that will provide ample meeting space for the growing organization.

Organizers decided to move the event from Envy Labs primarily because they needed a larger space. However, they were also interested in promoting the impressive new technology learning center, located in heart of downtown Orlando.

“Having seen what was there, we wanted to help introduce this place to as many other like-minded creative people as we could. Until you see it in person, it’s hard to imagine how awesome it is. We think it could help inspire people and introduce resources they never knew they could’ve had,�? said IndieNomicon organizer Kunal Patel.
Three games will be featured at the March 6th event, including Ascendant from Hapa Games; Temple Tap from Make-A-Stand Games; and Three Dead Zed from Gentleman Squid Studio. Game developers from each studio will present an overview of their company and what they’re working on, and attendees will have an opportunity to play the games and ask questions.

The event is open to anyone interested in attending. According to Kunal, “This event is for anyone who enjoys games, whether you’re 9 or 90. Whether you play casually or you’re a hardcore console gamer, it’s going to be a great experience. You’ll get to play games and meet some really creative, fun people.�?

Next week’s event is the 11th meetup of Indienomicon. The group will be celebrating its first anniversary in April with several special events. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

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