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Info Session: Florida Entertainment Industry Incentive Program Up for Review

Today at 6pm, Digital Media Alliance Florida and Film Florida will host an information session about the Florida Film and Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program. The program is up for review in the Florida House of Representatives, which will revise the rules governing the provision of tax credits to film, digital media, and entertainment production companies operating in Florida.

The meeting will be held at the Metro Orlando EDC offices in downtown Orlando. Anyone unable to make it in person can attend via WebEx. For exact location or dial-in information, visit the Facebook event page.

Guest speakers include Jud French, Executive Director of DMAF; Leah Sokolowski, President of Film Florida; Kunal Patel, CEO of Phyken Media; and Sheena Fowler, Director of Film and Digital Media Business Development for the EDC.

Information session hosts will discuss the financial benefits of the program, explaining who qualifies and how Orlando companies can take advantage of the incentives offered. They will also talk about Film Florida’s planned “Rally in Tally,” which will provide entertainment companies with a coordinated opportunity to speak to state legislators.

The Florida Film and Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program was developed to encourage the growth of the entertainment industry in Florida and to encourage out-of-state companies to produce films in the state. The legislation affects companies producing motion pictures, documentary and educational films, video games, visual effects/digital animation, television, and interactive websites. The program is managed by Florida’s Office of Film and Entertainment (OFE).

For more information about the program, visit OFE’s website. To follow legislative progress, visit the Florida House of Representatives website.

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