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Starter Studio Series: Outhouse Games

Awesome games usually come from passionate gamers, and the founders of Outhouse Games, a company that was recently accepted into the second class of Starter Studio, have a surprising passion for games. Case in point: I recently asked Chris Borden and Phil Bias, the founders of Outhouse Games, “What’s the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur?” I expected some sort of platitude about the difficulty of designing an MVP or acquiring users or something like that. Instead, he said, “The most challenging part about being an indie developer is finding time to play video games.”

Both Chris Borden and Phil Bias have always been passionate about games. Even before Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach, Chris and Phil would play games together and talk about what they would do to make those games better. In 2013, they decided to start making their ideas a reality by founding Outhouse Games.

The team’s first title is called “Stack’r.” I’m not going to say much about Stack’r. All you need to know is that Stack’r is an arcade style game, that it’s awesome, and that you should download it on iOS or Android right this instant. In fact, don’t even read the rest of this until you’ve downloaded it, and if you don’t finish this post because you’re having a good time, I won’t blame you.

Currently, Outhouse Games is working on their second title called “Damsel in Distress.” Phil Bias describes the game as a “2.5D infinite runner game.” As an infinite runner game, Damsel in Distress will share some similarities with games like Temple Run and Minion Rush, but as a creation of Outhouse Games, it will no doubt contain some unique elements as well.

Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait a bit to see what sort of secret awesome sauce Outhouse Games will adding to their take on the infinite runner genre. Outhouse Games is planning on releasing Damsel in Distress on Demo Day at Starter Studio, and if the company’s past success with Stack’r is any indication of the awesomeness that is to come, I think gamers in Orlando will be pretty happy on Demo Day.

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