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PowerDMS has Created a Beautiful Workplace

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PowerDMS, a document management firm based in the heart of the downtown Orlando tech community, has moved into their new space on the third floor of the famed Church Street Exchange building. Everyday, employees walk past some of the original PowerDMS source code that lines the walls of the front desk area. They are then greeted by Pen, a life-size wizard cap-wearing polar bear prop. Founder Josh Brown has built his dream workplace with company culture, and employee well-being in mind. PowerDMS began their 9-year lease on the space when they moved in on June 29.

“It was important for us to find the right location and we definitely wanted to be downtown. Something about this area matches our mojo,” said PowerDMS founder and CEO, Josh Brown. “The Exchange building provides everything we were looking for—it’s quirky, creative in its repurposing and open with easy Sunrail access to boot.

“When I started PowerDMS, I never imagined getting to work in a place like this with a team of fun, smart people who get stuff done. The space is designed to be open, encouraging collaboration, trust and vulnerability,” said Josh. “We are excited to share it with the community and are looking at ways to connect our kitchen and commons to socially-conscious organizations.”

The 15,500 square footKitchen Area facility offers the company’s 60 in-house employees a variety of amenities, such as a full kitchen, and bar area. Every Wednesday the PowerDMS employees meet for a gourmet lunch prepared by a professional guest chef. There are also plans for interested employees to begin a PowerDMS cooking club.

In addition to the kitchen, and the weekly feast, PowerDMS brings in masseuses once a month and treats employees to massages in the wellness room. The wellness room has also begun to house a small yoga club within the PowerDMS community.

Jam Room The jam room, a PowerDMS favorite, is a place where employees can go to unwind, play music, ping-pong, or video games. Just down the hall from the jam room, is the screening room, another unique space where PowerDMS’ers can lounge on one of several couches while reviewing projects on a projector screen. Business during the day, and fun after work, the screening room doubles as a cozy spot in the PowerDMS space for employees to watch movies.


The actual workspace at PowerDMS is very spacious, and without barriers. Employees work at desks out in the open rather than being confined to cubicles or individual offices. There are a number of smaller rooms for meetings and privacy if needed. Each room is decorated uniquely, with different furniture and color schemes. One meeting room even has an aquarium. Labels on the sliding glass doors of the rooms represent different cities around the world. There is also an office library that employees can work out of. Finally, to add to the PowerDMS mystique, there is rumor of a secret room, though we were not able to sneak a glimpse of it, or even confirm its existence or purpose. Check out the full gallery below!

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