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Meet the VentureScaleUp Startups

VentureScaleUp, one of Orlando’s newest business accelerators, program will launch today. The accelerator was created by Dennis Pape, a notable tech community member and the founder of Florida Venture Sourcing. Pape is also the co-founder of Catalyst, the downtown Orlando coworking space where VentureScaleUp will be hosted. The pilot program will feature seven startups, including three Starter Studio graduates: Joicaster, AutoRetainer, and FitBot.

VentureScaleUp aims to provide “high-growth entrepreneurs access to role models that have built startups that have scaled.” Earlier this month VentureScaleUp received $50,000 and the Small Business Administration Accelerator Fund Award during the White House Demo Day.

Steve Alexander of Therewolf, a program participant, looks forward to the start date. “We’re very excited to be a part of the pilot program for VentureScaleUp and to begin learning from the dynamic group of mentors Dennis Pape has assembled for the program. We’re also really

looking forward to exchanging ideas and best practices with the other fantastic companies and founding teams that have also been invited to participate.”

Meet the seven participating companies below.

Joicaster – Joicaster allows users to stream content to multiple sources through their platform in real-time. Simply stream your content to Joicaster and choose from a number of outlets such as YouTube, Streamup, and Twitch.

Therewolf – Therewolf allows users to discover what is going on around them by aggregating posts, events, and specials all in one convenient location. The Therewolf beta has not yet been released, but interested parties can sign up for Therewolf newsletter updates on their website.

PN Medical – “PN Medical creates pulmonary and speech pathology devices for inspiratory and expiratory muscle training.” The company has already released one device, the Breather, an affordable muscle-training device. PN Medical works to treat people with conditions and disorders such as COPD, Parkinson’s disease, MS, and asthma, just to name a few.

My One Resource – My One Resource is a management tool that allows users to easily organize personal documents such as financial statements, medical documents, and home information. The platform is highly accessible, offering both a website and mobile application.

AutoRetainer – AutoRetainer enables legal professionals to send contracts to clients with a quick and easy digital interface. Aimed at saving time and money, AutoRetainer is built for the efficient attorney.

Direct Audio – Direct Audio connects users to the TV’s they cannot hear. Perfect for the loud bar environment, Direct Audio streams sound from nearby TV’s straight to your smartphone. The app is available for both iOS  and Android devices.

FitBot – FitBot allows trainers and strength coaches to save time and resource by sending workout plans to clients’ smartphones. Trainers also have the ability to track client performance through the app. FitBot currently offers a free 14 day trial on their websites for trainers to try it out.

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