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Places to Work in Orlando

Are you a daily bootstrapper, roaming from setting to setting, in search of a space that will suit your work needs? From coffee shops, to coworking spaces, to high-rises, here are a few places for tech professionals to be productive in Orlando.

Part 1 – Coffee Shops!

Coffee Shops are just about as accessible as a workplace can get. With free Wi-Fi, and a number of onlookers to keep you honest, the modern coffee shop has become the freelancer’s office. Often chatty, working out of a cafe offers bootstrappers those necessary workplace distractions, and the comforts of a social setting. Here are a few of Orlando’s premium workplace coffee shops.

Downtown Credo –   706 W. Smith St. (College Park)

Coffee Price: Donation Based

Desirable Feature: Downtown Credo is a warm, homelike, cozy space, perfect for solo work on a rainy day.

Stardust Coffee and Film –   1842 East Winter Park Rd. (Audubon Park)

Coffee Price: $1.80 (Large)

Desirable Feature: Stardust’s long cafeteria-style tables, and open space, make it the perfect social setting for a team project or group effort.

Austin’s Coffee – 929 W. Fairbank Rd. (College Park)

Coffee Price: $2.40 (Large)

Desirable Feature: Austin’s is kind of whacky and often brimming with creative individuals – a good place for anyone in a rut or creative funk. It is also open 24 hours from Thursday to Sunday for those late night weekend warriors.

Vespr –   626 N. Alafaya Trail, Suite 105

Coffee Price: $3-$5 (depends on type of coffee-beverage)

Desirable Feature: Vespr is a little out of the way from Downtown Orlando, which may just be a plus for some. Built on a sterling reputation, the Vespr name still gets around despite its proximity, or lack thereof.

Propagation – 1221 N. Mills Ave (Mills 50)

Coffee Price: $3-$5 (depends on type of coffee-beverage)

Desirable Feature: Propagation is a super serene environment, flooded with tranquility, making it the best spot for concentrating or cramming to meet a deadline.

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