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oday’s Industry Spotlight: Financial Technology

Tech Industry Spotlight is a new series in which we will highlight some of the region’s industry standouts.

Financial technology innovation is integral to a healthy economy. Between data security, transaction security, fair payment processing, and processing new forms of currency, the financial industry has to evolve with the changing e tech landscape. FinTech companies work to keep financial information safe, and accessibility to that information uninterrupted.

Here is a look at some Orlando FinTech companies that are staying with, perhaps ahead of, the times.


Fattmerchant is a payment processing platform that charges monthly subscription rates instead of transaction fees. Fattmerchant users have access to all of the traditional forms of payment such as eCommerce, virtual, and mobile payments. According to Fattmerchant their clients save on average 40% off of what traditional payment processors cost. Prospective users can test a savings calculator on the Fattmerchant website to see what their savings might look.


Edu(k)ate offers you a “simplified financial education to help steer your retirement.” The startup offers classes and tools to make financial planning easier. They offer classes on investments, personal finance, insurance, and economics. Prior to taking on a class, edu(k)ate will ask you a series of interactive questions to find classes that best suit your financial goals.


Viewpost is a digital network that allows businesses to exchange invoices and payments. Businesses link bank accounts to the Viewpost platform, and can immediately begin sending and receiving payments. Users can send and track electronic invoices for free, send electronic payments for $.50, or paper checks for $.75.


DIY.Fund, a current Starter Studio participant, wants to help you invest like a professional. The DIY.Fund web platform helps you manage your portfolio, understand risk, and keep track of performance. The startup was created by financial industry veterans and is free for anyone to use.
Check back soon for Part 2.

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