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With hurricane Joaquin making headlines up and down the east coast, we thought we’d highlight locally-based weather tracking app, MyRadar. Founded in 2008 by Andy Green, MyRadar has origins in both Orlando and Portland, Oregon, with the inspiration and shot-calling taking place locally, while development is done remotely out west. Founder Andy Green comes from a background as an internet service provider, and likes finding ways to aggregate information.

MyRadar added a live wind pattern feature to the app a few months back, in addition to the available live radar map. Basic MyRadar is free in both the App Store as well as Google Play, though it offers in-app purchases for hurricane tracking, National Weather Service warnings, Apple Watch capabilities, and ad removal.

The idea for the weather radar app came from a previous flight tracking app that Andy had been working on. The app originally layered flight patterns over a weather radar.

Down the road, MyRadar is looking to add features highlighting more localized phenomena such as tornados. The app already shows major earthquakes and can be be tweaked to show minor earthquakes.

Andy spoke of an instance in which he kept seeing minor earthquakes occurring in Oklahoma on the app. Originally fearing the app was malfunctioning, Andy soon realized that the minor earthquakes were actually occurring regularly in Oklahoma – an occurrence he believes is linked to fracking. “It’s really telling,” Andy said of the app’s capabilities.

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