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UberPITCH is coming to Orlando!

Florida Funders, in partnership with Uber, have announced that UberPITCH will be coming to Orlando on Friday, November 13th, 2015. So far at least four investors are lined up to take part in UberPITCH. Michael O’Donnell and Scott Claus of Florida Angel Nexus, Tom Gawronski of venVelo, and David Chitester of Florida Funders, are all on board. UberPITCH recently took place in Tampa.

How It Works:

Riders can enter the ORLANDOPITCH promo code in the Uber app to unlock the opportunity from 11 AM ­ 3 PM on Friday, November 13th
UberPITCH vehicles will be available throughout Orlando
If connected, an Uber driver partner will pick the rider up ­ give them 15 minutes to ride with, and pitch, a potential investor ­ then drop the rider off at their pick up location
Demand is expected to be high and riders are encouraged to keep checking the app for the next available UberPITCH vehicle
“We are excited to bring UberPITCH to Orlando and to ensure success we are working close locally with Catalyst Spaces a co­working facility in downtown Orlando. I am sure all of the Orlando entrepreneurs and investors will have a great experience.” says Dave Chitester, CEO of Florida Funders.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to partner with the Orlando business community in addition to the economic opportunity that we are providing for our driver­ partners. We’re excited to provide Central Florida entrepreneurs with this opportunity and support the quickly growing startup scene in Orlando through UberPITCH.” says Christine Mitchell, General Manager for Uber in Orlando.

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in UberPITCH should follow Uber’s local Twitter account @Uber_Florida for updates regarding the promotion.

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