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Orlando’s Newest 3D Printing and Rendering Company Boasts Versatile Printer

Matt Hogan and John Jax Jackman have a 3D printer and a whole lot of ideas. The duo comprises Megatonn 3D, and Orlando-based 3D printing and rendering company. We had a chance to get to know Matt and Jax during Megatonn 3D’s open house just down Orange Ave in Downtown South.

Matt and Jax are both medically honorably discharged veterans. Jax served as an Army Ranger Sniper until he was honorably discharged in 2000, and Matt served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan until he was honorably discharged in 2005. Just a little ways down the road Matt and Jax intend on entering the market for 3D printed prosthetics, specifically those for wounded warriors/veterans – a cause that is near and dear to both of their hearts.

As for right now, Megatonn 3D is focused on their operation as a 3D printing company that helps artist to bring their ideas to life. Jax, an artist with an extensive career, knows a thing or two about the industry having worked for DC, Marvel, Star Trek, the Walking Dead, and a slew of other comic giants.

While offering a venue for artists to have their ideas made tangible, Megatonn also prints their own original concepts, courtesy of Jax creative genius. Once an art piece is printed, Matt and Jax can then creative a negative mold to produce more of the same art piece at a quicker pace.

There are currently seven original Megatonn 3D art pieces available on their store website, including King Lyte, Pickle Richard, and Knobbler. Soon the Megatonn 3D art pieces will also become available in a number of local comic book stores.

Megatonn 3D boasts a Projet 3500+, a versatile beast of a 3D printer, that allows the team to print in seven different materials. They also own a Structure Sensor, a mobile scanning device that Matt and Jax use in tandem with the Skanect software. With these tools the Megatonn 3D can accurately scan and produce 3D CAD files.

The Megatonn team has already begun dabbling in the prosthetic and orthotic markets. In one example of a future market entry point, Matt described the process in which the scanning tech can be used to design infant cranial bands. With the 3D scanning technology Matt and Jax are able to easily render CAD files of infants’ heads, which can later be used to create cranial bands. The lengthy and nearly impossible process of creating a cranial band for an infant, which required wrapping the child’s head in plaster, can now be done in a matter of minutes through use of 3D scanning.

There is no doubt that these guys will be making a lot more noise in the city. We’re extremely proud to have them here in Orlando.

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