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New Orlando Coworking Space Appeals to a Different Side of Town

Orlando’s newest coworking space, Hub 925, is not just a cool place to work – it’s also a solution. Orlando has coworking options for anyone that is proximal to downtown or willing to commute, but what about the professionals on the outskirts of Orlando’s city limits?

“No one wants to get on I-4,” said Piper Hood, Hub 925 co-founder. Piper and her business partner Catherine Cavins both live near the Hub 925 location on Sand Lake road in the Plaza Venezia, and saw a coworking space in the area as a public need. Hub 925 hopes to attract interest from professionals in the tech, hospitality, and medical industries, as well as independent photographers, web designers, writers, and marketers.

Hub 925’s interior design was done by Design Poole, a Winter Park-based design firm. Most of the furniture, and many of the pieces, in Hub 925 are actually repurposed from a Design Poole booth at a Design New York event. The 2,000 square foot space has 60 seats, many of which are still available.

Membership at Hub 925 starts at $130/month. Amenities at Hub 925 include snacks, tea/coffee, printing capabilities, and a stretch and unwind zone with yoga mats and a foam roller. Unofficial amenities include all of the restaurants and shops that Hub 925 shares space with in the Plaza Venezia.

Piper and Catherine plan to begin hosting a variety of events for members, and non-members, focused on business and wellness. Additionally, Hub 925 can be rented out for private events any weekday after 5pm as well as weekends.

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