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The 20 Best OTM Demos of 2015

It was a big year for the Orlando Tech Meetup. We held 12 meetups, with 55 unique demo companies. In August we hosted our first themed event, a maker edition featuring all hardware products, followed by Internet of Things in October, and Women in Tech in November. The November meetup also marked the four year anniversary of OTM, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the tech communities support.

Over the past 4 years we have featured 196 companies demo with us, spanning a wide variety of industries such as healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, IoT, and data technology. Out of those 196 companies, 54 have raised funding, combining for a total of over $150 million. We’ve had established companies, such as CodeSchool, PowerDMS, and BitPay demo with us, as well as early stage startups such as HotSwitch and SpaceSplit, that are clearly on the rise.

We look forward to seeing more innovations out of Central Florida in 2016.

Here are the top 20 demos of 2015. Note: they are in no particular order.

Talon Simulations – Talon Simulations provides low cost and immersive Flight Training Devices which provide multimodal education for flight schools who are looking for an alternative to in-flight training and are dissatisfied with bulky and expensive simulators.

FattMerchant – Fattmerchant is a subscription-based merchant services provider offering unlimited credit card processing for no markups, no ancillary fees, and no contract.

Joicaster – JOICASTER makes it possible for brands & creators, who have live video content worth sharing, to be discovered & represented on multiple platforms; at the same time.

BookThatDoc – BookThatDoc offers a solution to both medical providers and patients by streamlining the process of finding and booking a doctors appointment online instantly.

Mend – Mend is Customer Service for Healthcare – Creating customer service healthcare experiences in your home or at your office with the touch of a button.

Viewpost – Viewpost removes the inefficiencies that businesses face during the exchange of invoices and payments by connecting people to invoice and payment information through a network of possibilities.

CareSpotter – Carespotter connects families directly with caregivers. Find local, professional Caregivers for your loved ones quickly and safely.

GolfNow – GolfNow is an online tee time retail service. GolfNow is owned by NBCUniversal and is managed by the Golf Channel.

Flight Fishing – Flight Fishing is a free online service that connects users with updates on travel deals and flight specials. Flight Fishing generates revenue by collecting commission on the flights purchased through their site.

Veehic – Veehic is a consumer based used car marketplace with enhanced features to target a growing segment of the auto buying marketplace. Veehic allows sellers to list there car for FREE and be connected with people who want that make and model of car.

Augment – Augment is an augmented reality mobile application allowing businesses to simulate their 3D models in real world, real size and real time, create amazing interactive print experiences or empower their sales team with the most effective sales aid.

My One Resource – My One Resource is the simple, secure, and affordable online tool that allows you to organize and access all of life’s information at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Trobo – We create TROBOs, cuddly stuffed robots that read stories about science and math to children age 2-5 using iPads and iPhones.

Distrx – Distrx is a mobile marketing platform that uses beacon technology to connect consumers with local deals. Distrx is expected to launch in several Orlando Distrx such as Church Street, and Thornton Park. Distrx

BeauGen – Perfect Latch – BeauGen brings mom-inspired innovation to life for breast pumping moms that help them conquer their breastfeeding goals.

Megafoto – Each fan is a Digital Citizen and Megafoto is the opportunity to stretch out their experiences engaging fans, creating brand exposure.

SpaceSplit – A mobile app for “space sharing,” connecting people who have extra space and would like to make money with people who are in need of space.

Limbitless Solutions – Limbitless Solutions designs and creates affordable, 3D printed, bionic arms for children without arms.

Hotswitch – The place where TV lovers can discover today’s trending shows and join watch parties to interact with their favorite fan communities.

JOOX – JOOX is the world’s first rewards-based music stock exchange. JOOX generates revenue by offering premium data and analytics as well as additional services to artists to help them further monetize their data (digital distribution, sync placement deals, etc.)

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