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Dear Friends

Over the past five years, it has been my personal mission to help foster a startup community in Orlando. In that time, I’ve seen our fledging community grow to support hundreds of meetups, local bootstrapped companies exit for millions of dollars, our events welcoming thousands, and OTA’s national recognition for these programs.

I could never have imagined hosting a pitch night would lay the foundations for what would eventually become the Orlando Tech Association. I’ve been fortunate to have a role in initiatives that created a true sense of community, empowered entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, and raised awareness of how critical tech is to the future of Orlando.

At my core I’m a starter, and I’ve always known that one day I would get back in the ring working with an early-stage tech company. And now that day has come. Today, I must inform you that I will be stepping down as Executive Director of OTA effective July 29. I’m excited to join Abe as their Head of Growth, where I will help this Orlando-based startup grow and become a key player in the field of AI and personal finance.

I remain dedicated to OTA and will continue to drive the work of our mission as a member of the board. Our signature programs and events, including Orlando Tech Meetup, Orlando Tech Week, and Weekend Launch, will continue uninterrupted. To ensure this continuity, I am committed to supporting a smooth transition as OTA plans its next steps and we begin the executive search process.

I want to thank you all for your support throughout the years. And, I look forward to supporting OTA as we continue to help our community grow.

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