Increasing Your Online Presence is a Reliable Way for Business Owners to Bolster Sales and Customer Loyalty

The combination of an effective, engaging brand and the power of social media, has now become a critical component of the success of many businesses. Soderman says that creating an authoritative, professional and engaging online presence is critical to SEO, and gaining an enormous audience online.This goes whether you own a small to medium-sized business or you’re an entrepreneur establishing yourself in a specific geographical location.

While some businesses see Facebook and LinkedIn as irrelevant, many others are taking full advantage of social media. They have the ability to show the world the personality behind their businesses. With that said, some processes get tired. Innovation in your analytics can certainly go a long way toward generating sales and creating customer loyalty.

Top 4 Strategies for Increasing Your Online Presence

how to increase your business online presence

1. Optimize Your Platforms for Mobile Devices

At the current time, mobile searches far outweigh searches conducted by users on PCs, laptops and even tablets. Search Engine Land observes that the number of searches on mobile devices account for more than half of all queries. It’s also been projected that there will be nearly 2.9 billion smart phone users by 2020. It’s nearing the number of social media users in the entire world.

There are multiple reasons to optimize all of your website pages for mobile traffic. This includes developing a stronger relationship with sites like Google. They also provide a testing tool showing exactly how mobile friendly each of your pages are.

2. Pay Attention to User Experience and Site Design

Aside from making your site attractive to prospective customers, your site also has to be clean and efficient. One of the most critical aspects of this is page load time, which cuts into the limited attention span that people have online. Things like optimizing for featured snippets can seriously increase your potential audience, especially for customers in a specific location.

While there are simple metrics like actions taken on a page, you can go much deeper to find out how people are interacting with your site. You can research the heat map data and take insights on how people are interacting with your design. Measuring how many people remember your brand is a definite way to help retain customer satisfaction.

3. Always Be Networking

One of the core tenets in many wealth-creation circles is that your network is your net worth. Companies like Facebook are well aware of this, and are continuously improving their networking and interviewing process. Generating a relevant and engaged online audience is absolutely essential to executing a solid SEO strategy. Even if you’re very traditional and effective at communicating and networking in person, you can’t deny the potential of networking on social media.

If you’re a tech company in Florida, you can connect with prominent tech organizations in Orlando. You can network and develop professional relationships that connect to your brand. Continuing your networking efforts on a regular basis will allow you to expose potentially millions of people who see value in your company, and who want to share it with others.

4. Focus on the Quality of Content

Getting 100,000 or a million people to notice your brand is one thing, but getting them engaged and creating memorable experiences is another. Online content, such as blog posts, videos and simple info graphics, are an effective way to grab someone’s attention and get them to fall in love with your brand.

This is critical both for SEO and your social media presence. Content that answers people’s questions related to what you sell is gold, whether you’re attracting people from Twitter, Facebook groups, YouTube and even blogs related to your business.

Creating a thriving online community works well for HVAC companies, as it’s a reliable way to attract clients. With the amount of tech startups moving to Phoenix, it shows that companies can use social media for brand presence in virtually any area. Create memorable content that satisfies their questions and objections, and they’ll share it for you.

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