Today, we’re exploring Facebook’s new metric, the Estimated Ad Recall Lift. We’ll also explore how it impacts the Brand Awareness aspect of marketing on Facebook, and the objectives you set for your campaigns. In talking with the experts at Paracore, we’ve seen that real, accurate metrics are key to a reliable optimization process.

What is a Campaign Objective?

Marketing campaign objectives are another way of saying the goal or expected outcome of your Facebook ads. This platform provides statistics for various metrics, including brand awareness, traffic, sales, total impressions and more.

You can specifically select increasing brand awareness as an objective when creating a new campaign. The glaring question however, is how can you calculate a real number that accurately represents your brand awareness on Facebook? Before we answer that question, let’s look at this metric in detail.

How Facebook’s Estimated Ad Recall Lift Can Help Your Campaigns

estimated ad recall lift

This intuitive feature is Facebook’s way of determining the number of people that will remember your brand within two days of seeing your ads. Where campaigns dedicated to brand awareness have existed for a long time, Facebook provides a reliable way to measure your success in this area. For example, you could be looking to establish your company as an authority in the Orlando tech community.

Rather than correlating different metrics like impressions, you get to see exactly how memorable Facebook considers your brand to be. Amidst the news of retargeting changes, it’s important that Facebook provides powerful tools to keep people interested in running ads.

What is Meant by “Lift”

The purpose of this new feature is about lifting the ad recall or recognition rate for your brand. The aspects of your ads that most impact success in brand awareness are visual/aesthetic quality, engagement and messaging.

These psychological factors allow you to connect with and engage the right audience, and ultimately lift the recall rate of your ads. Technology businesses and organizations for example, will create campaigns not only to expose more people to their brands, but to make them more memorable when they do.

How the Estimated Ad Recall Lift Works

Facebook ad recall benchmark

The first step in estimating ad recall is to run an ad using a targeted audience. The more engagement you get from your audience, the higher it’s likely to be. Remember to make sure your Facebook pixel is working, so you don’t miss out on other important metrics from traffic flowing to links in your ad.

Unlike with other platforms, you’ll get insights right away from this unique metric that’ll tell you how responsive are to your ad. After you’ve run the ad, Facebook will selectively poll people who saw it to query them on whether they recall seeing it. Using that feedback, Facebook creates an estimate on the number of people that will remember your brand within two days of being exposed to it.

The Upgraded Estimated Ad Recall Lift

Facebook offers both a basic, automated version of this feature, as well as its upgraded counterpart called the brand lift study. In order to qualify for the full study, Facebook has requirements and standards in place. If your campaign doesn’t qualify, you may still have access to the automated version of Facebook’s estimated ad recall lift. This applies to tech companies in major cities as much as it does to small businesses.

Who Has Access to the Upgraded Brand Lift Study?

The foremost quality required to access this feature is ad spend. Just like with some of Google’s tools, you can use a free version, but deep, detailed analysis is exclusive to accounts that spend more money on ads. It’s not like you have to go through an elaborate process of interviewing with Facebook.

As you can imagine, the majority of accounts with low ad spend have access to the automated version when they conduct a survey. However, companies that have higher-spend accounts can find a place to work together and ramp this metric up considerably.


If you’re running campaigns to generate brand awareness, this Facebook marketing metric is extremely valuable and exclusive. It allows you to measure your estimated ad recall more clearly and accurately than simply comparing total impressions to other metrics.

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