Any travel app is useful because the experience it gives you is hassle-free and you spend less time and money in planning. Stop asking yourself, “Should I use an app for travel?” because undoubtedly, travel apps are essential. They can help you discover hidden gems and recommendations you never know exist. Just don’t forget about the other important tech items for traveling before heading out!

Listed below are some of the best travel apps available on iOS and Android that you should definitely try. The best thing about them? You can use them for free.

Best Deal Finding Apps


Fluctuating flight prices are normal and Hopper is one of the best travel apps for flights. It can predict the best times for scoring the cheapest flights. You can save a lot by getting up to 40% off by using the price-monitoring feature to alert you on price drops. Be in the loop on airfare flash deals and compare prices and amenities for more than 250 airlines.

Best Travel Apps
Best Travel Apps


If you’re a solo traveler looking for the best accommodation at cheap deals, Hostelworld can be your best pal. It is an app used across 179 countries that can give you more than 17,000 options for hotels, hostels, and B&B lodgings. Just like plugging into to a tech community, you can meet up with other vacationers using the Hostel Noticeboard feature. You can make friends easily by using the built-in translator for 37 languages.

Location Finding Apps


If you’d like to find the quickest route to your destination or look for the nearest stations for the bus and train, the traveling guide app Citymapper should be on your phone. You can chat with your friends, see real-time routes going to your destination, and view next arrivals at stations. This helps to make this app one of the best traveling apps for iPhone and Android.


Going on a roadtrip? Gasbuddy is the best travel app used by millions of users to track locations for the cheapest gas prices. Narrow down your options by using the filters for locations, prices, brands, and amenities for the gas station you’d like to check. You can get price alerts for price hikes and deals available at convenience stores near the location.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

Going on a roll with your RV? RV Parks and Campgrounds is the best travel app to search for the best spots for campgrounds and parks in North America to park your RV. There are over 40,000 options that can be filtered using locations and ratings. You can even check if the park is a public space or privately-owned.

Flush Toilet Finder

“Should I use an app for travel especially if I feel the need to pee?” This is the app that you thought you’ll never need especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Flush Toilet Finder is a traveling guide app used for locating a restroom out of more than 190,000 public toilets stored in the database. You can search offline for the nearest toilet and get notified if you have to pay for a restroom.

Personal Essentials


Get connected to your loved ones by calling them using Rebtel. Having internet in a garage comes with perks, but with Rebtel, you can be connected to local phone lines even when you’re offline. Make cheap calls in more than 50 countries all over the globe so there’s no need to buy a local SIM card nor worry about large phone bills.

Travel App
Travel App


It’s easy to connect to public Wi-Fi anywhere you are but you are at risk of a privacy breach. Using Tunnelbear protects you from hackers because it allows you to connect safely and privately by using a VPN to encrypt your browsing information. Free browsing data of 500MB is allotted every month and monthly unlimited data is available for only $3.33.


Money transfers overseas can be tricky and you often get charged by banks for hidden fees. With TransferWise, you can find rates that are 8x cheaper than the usual rates charged by banks when transferring money abroad. The real-time currency exchange is done quickly and no hidden charges are applied. This is what makes this app one of the best international travel apps for managing finances.


Just like a human assistant that can help you identify the things needed in a marketing plan, Lola works great for planning trips by combining the use of human and artificial intelligence (AI), customer service, and concierge services. By having concierges available 24/7, getting flights and hotels booked seamlessly, and getting local recommendations through text, Lola completes our list for one of the best traveling apps for iPhone and Android especially if you’re on a business trip.

Any Last Considerations?

“Should I use an app for travel?” You definitely should. Travel should not be stressful. Clear some space in your phone and download a travel app or two listed in this article to use on your next trip.

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