Orlando is home to a well-established, $14 billion technology industry and a rapidly-growing collection of innovative startups that are pushing boundaries and finding new ways to solve problems. The members of our community are dynamic and forward-thinking technologists driving progress in advanced military simulation and training, software development, digital media, gaming, film, among other sectors.

The Future of Our City

The future of our city and industry are being shaped today, and innovative companies, civic entities, nonprofits, and educational institutions are collaborating to develop educational programs, to create workspaces, to found incubator and accelerator programs, and to build the infrastructure that will propel Orlando’s tech industry to success on an international scale.

Orlando Tech

Is the leader in growing the region’s tech ecosystem by advocating for the tech community as well as inspiring collaboration between established businesses and startups. The Orlando Tech meetup, OTA’s origin, was created to welcome and support tech entrepreneurs, startups and businesses, which has grown into the larger vision of the Orlando Tech Association. As the City of Orlando’s only digital Main Street District, OTA is the leading voice and conduit for Orlando’s tech community.


  • To connect Central Florida established businesses, organizations and startups to support their overall business and our region’s economic growth.
  • Ensure Orlando is a welcoming, supportive environment for tech businesses.
  • Help area businesses meet collaborative partners, talent and leaders.
  • Create networks between Orlando startups and established companies.
  • Develop resources and business guides for area tech businesses.
  • Assist in the attraction and retention of tech companies in the Orlando region.
  • OTA believes clustering results in greater connectivity and opportunity, and as part of our mission we provide companies with information about downtown Orlando activity and support companies looking to move downtown.

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